• Injection Blow Molding MachineThe structure of the injection blow molding machine for hollow bottle provided by Liuzhou Jingye Machine Co.,Ltd. is two-working-station, which include preform injection and blow molding ejection station...
  • Injection Stretch Blow Molding MachineThe injection stretch blow molding machine adopts injection stretch blow molding technology. It can produce high grade bottle whose bottleneck has high precision. The structure of the machine provided by Liuzhou Jingye Machine Co.,Ltd...


Blow molding is a process for manufacturing hollow articles. The articles commonly made are bottles, edible and lube oil containers, jerry cans, drums, toys and automotive components.
The structure of the injection(stretch) blow molding machine provided by Liuzhou Jingye Machine Co.,Ltd. is two-station, which include preform injection and stretch blow molding stripper working position. Our blow molding machine for plastic bottles take one-step method forming process that means the injection(stretch), blow molding process and other processes are finished one by one in this machine. This kind of product shows that it is of highly automatic with beautiful appearance of the product, accurate size and labour saving.

Applicable Materials:PE,PP,PS,SAN,PC,PETG,PMMA,TRITAN,PES ,PPSU,PMMA,PET and other thermoplasticity resin raw materials.
Range of Product:2-15000ML
Note:We are the professional blow molding machine supplier in China and we can provide customized blow molding machine for plastic bottles and mould according to client requirement to meet the special need of your product.


1. Injection Blow Molding Machine
The basic process consists of three stages:
(a) Injection molding of a preform onto a steel core pin.
(b) Preform is rotated to a blow mould and blowing to the cavity shape.
(c) Ejection of the blown container.
2. Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Stretching the preform before it is chilled in the mould can impart improved properties to the finished bottles.
The stretch-blow process of the blow molding machine for plastic bottles can give the resins improved physical and barrier properties. In biaxial orientation, the bottles are stretched lengthwise by an external gripper, or by an internal stretch rod. Then the bottles stretched radially by compressed air to form the finished container. (This…orientation. Delete) Other advantages include better clarity, increased impact strength, or toughness, and reduced creep. The actual increase is dependent on the ratio of blow up in each direction.
Stretch blow molding is possible for thermoplastic materials such as PET, PVC, PS, PAN and PP. The amorphous materials with a wide range of thermoplasticity are easier to stretch than the partially crystalline types.
Stretch-blow processing can be separated into two categories: In-line and two-stage. In-line processing is done on a single machine, while two-stage processing requires either an extrusion or injection line to produce pre-forms and a reheat-blow machine to make the finished bottles.


This kind of blow molding machine for plastic bottles is widely used in the area of medicine packing, health care packing, baby feeding bottles, sports cup and cosmetic container. Now, it is the most applicability product in international market.

Product Advantages

1. The injection blow molding and injection stretch blow molding of the machine form in one step and don’t need secondary operation by worker. The products produced by the machine have the superiority in beautiful appearance, accurate size, good sealing property and compliance with GMP requirement.
2. Due to its character of full-automatic, this kind of automatic blow molding machine is of high degree of automation that is controlled by computer with the performance of steady work of hydraulic pressure.
3. This kind of blow molding machine for plastic bottles adopts the vertical work way to reduce projection area of the mold and use lower clamping force to finish the work, so as to achieve the effect of reducing energy consumption.
4. The mould of the machine adopts the insert structure of overall preform mould that ensure the final products only have two parting lines.
5. The molding range of product is 2-15000ML.
6. The blow molding machine supplied by our company is suitable for many kinds of materials, not only can use the common PE, PP and so on, but also can use the high transparent materials, such as PS, AS, PC, PETG and PMMA and so on.
7. Our product has wide usages including medicine bottle, health care bottle, eye black tube, cosmetic container, eye black tube, chemical pesticides bottle, baby feeding bottle, sports cup and lampshade and so on.
8. Our company has rich professional technology experience to exploit new kind of blow molding machine for plastic bottles. We can provide customized machine and mould according to client’s requirement to meet the special need of your product.

Service Advantages

Our company has a group of professional and technical personnel whom are long time concerned with the work of technological development in this area. We have thousands of exploitation experiences and strength of hollow container due to that there are experienced specialists who enjoy the particular subsidy of the State Council and youth backbone who has a wide range of specialized knowledge and rich practical experience. Just tell us what plastic product you want to produce and we will help you to choose the best machine for your needs. We believe that our reasonable prices, high quality and excellent service will bring us both benefits. Choose us-choose the best!

The Product Configuration or Parts

1. The hydraulic component, pneumatic element and electrical apparatus of main machine are from world famous brands to ensure every machine high quality and realiable movement.
2. The die material of the moulds is mainly composed of the advanced imported steel and at the same time it takes the subsequent technology for heating processing to ensure the high quality and to satisfied client’s need.

Payment, Packaging and Delivery

1. Customers can choose T/T or L/C.
2. We adopt wood case to package the mold.
3. We transport the machine by sea.